Social Media

twitter_cell_phoneI’ve been connecting organizations with their audiences online since the days when vBulletin forums were king. Now with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more in the palms of millions, I help brands tell their stories and engage with users via unique and transparent social media presences.


headphonesSince completing Knowbility’s 508/ADA accessibility training and subsequently winning their AIR (Accessibility Internet Rally) Houston competition in 2005, I’ve been on a mission for over a decade now to ensure content is available for all users. Best practices are at the core of what I do and preach.


old_school_microphoneSince streaming a successful punk music show in 2001, I’ve been putting my voice online in one way or another. I currently do sports podcasts in which I breakdown and analyze upcoming mixed martial arts matches, found on YouTube and Soundcloud. The future is bright for podcasting and it becomes more and more accessible.

Graphic Design

My first love has and always will be graphic design. I remember starting out with Photoshop 5 in 1997 and logging the hours to hone my skills, day in and out. Now over two decades later, I’m even more passionate about visually engaging content and continue to produce pieces for both digital and print mediums on a regular basis.

Web Design

Web design has seen so many trends come and go over the years but one that’s here to stay is device-responsive sites. Far gone are the days of 1024×768 desktop-only experiences. After heading up Arlington County Government’s mobile-friendly relaunch in 2011-2013, I continue to emphasis this aspect of the online presences I create for organizations, individuals and small businesses.