Fairfax, Virginia night time photo shoot 07.25.10

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After sunset is one of my favorite times to explore an urban area with a camera due to the fun one can have with shutter speed experimentation. The following shots were taken in Fairfax, Virginia.

(click a thumbnail for full size photo)

fairfax_night_july_25_2010_1 fairfax_night_july_25_2010_2 fairfax_night_july_25_2010_3

fairfax_night_july_25_2010_4 fairfax_night_july_25_2010_5 fairfax_night_july_25_2010_6

fairfax_night_july_25_2010_7 fairfax_night_july_25_2010_8 fairfax_night_july_25_2010_9

One thought on “Fairfax, Virginia night time photo shoot 07.25.10

  1. This is outstanding work ~ the photographer here is an obviously experienced professional, with an artist’s eye and spirit, whose work is self-evidently growing in depth, insight, composition and beauty. Keep up the steady advancement – never relinquish your artist’s heart and soul and energy and what those enable you to give yourself, to others and to the world at large ~

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