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Pagnato-Karp Group WordPress + Twitter Bootstrap Blog Launched

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I’m happy to report that as of March 2013, local financial advisers Pagnato-Karp Group have launched their new, open source-powered blog. Building this website along with my buddies Matt Harrison (Man Made Creative) and JM Huret (Free As A Nerd Blog) was a real pleasure as it was without a doubt the smoothest collaboration I’ve been a part of.

The programming prowess of JM combined with the clear client relations and team management of Matt let me focus on my portion of the heavy lifting and customize the Twitter Bootstrap-based theme we loaded onto WordPress. The CMS itself was also customized as I tweaked it for easier posting as the client blog of their successes into the future.

While many pre-baked themes are conveniently available for WordPress and most open-source CMSs, we knew we could pull of a clean, highly reliable site that would be easy for the client to take ownership of, by using technology such as Twitter’s popular Bootstrap. This HTML5/CSS base framework is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Not only can sites built using this foundation look slick, but they are well-recognized by major search engines and highly accessible (context: 508, ADA).

All the best to Pagnato-Karp in using this site to further their business in Washington, D.C. and beyond.

>> You can visit the blog at pkcap.co

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