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Advantages of Moving to Adobe Creative Cloud

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I’ve recently been asked by a few colleagues in the federal sector about making the switch to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and what it will mean to their workflow. Here is a recap of what I’ve shared with them.

We are embracing Adobe Cloud here within my office, as opposed to our existing individual installations of Creative Suite(s).


  • Access to the most up-to-date releases of software
  • Can access and use the Adobe products from any and all PCs
  • No more versioning issues between team members
  • Access to use *all* of Adobe’s products (Edge, Acrobat Pro, PS, AI, etc.)
  • No more having to update every installation of Adobe products on individual PCs across an organization. Log in to the cloud, use the latest software, log out.
  • No more having to keep track of physical discs with specific serial keys from years ago.

In the end, we don’t really have a choice because Adobe’s moving to a total cloud model, and that’s pretty much that. Users must follow suit or get left behind without updates. It makes business sense to them, and although some users see it as a money grab, it does provide many benefits for their users both power and occasional.

2 thoughts on “Advantages of Moving to Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Came here through the GSA web list-serve. Thanks for sharing about the audio player, and this post about Adobe Creative suites is a good one.I’ll be sharing this with some graphics people in my organization who are all worried about what Adobe is doing here. It’s just a business model change, which I am surprised took Adobe this long to do. I agree with the advantages you list, and from a product standpoint its a better model. I don’t know enough yet to figure out if Adobe will increase profits by saving costs, or if this whole licensing concept will get them more revenue and cost the user.

    Thanks again!

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